Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 MLB Power Poll

About half the season is over, and although we very recently revisited our predictions, we have not given much thought to who's better and who's best, regardless of which division they're in.

The Andy Pratt Bunch
30. Cleveland Indians
29. Houston Astros
28. Kansas City Royals
27. Arizona Diamondbacks
26. Pittsburgh Pirates
25. Baltimore Orioles

The biggest disappointment here has to be the D'backs. They shouldn't be this bad, but overabbundant strikeouts and inconsistnent pitching and defense have them below the dregs of Pitt.

"There's nothing but fat and grizzle on that plate!"
24. Seattle Mariners
23. Chicago Cubs

The funniest past of "The Great Outdoors", with John Candy & Dan Aykroyd, was when Candy's character orders and tries to finish a 96-oz steak, "The Old 96'er", so their meal could be free. Although he thinks he's done, the restuarant judge says he's got to clean his plate. Watching games from the Pacific Northwest and Northside of Chicago sort of reminds me of that. The teams can be enjoyable, but there comes a point towards the end of the game, when you just want to walk away from the TV.

"Strikes & Gutters, Ups & Downs"
22. Milwaukee Brewers
21. Chicago White Sox
20. Oakland A's
19. Washington Nationals
18. Florida Marlins

Here are some inconsistent teams who have shown some very good flashes, but a variety of flaws that ultimately have them all leaning towards being sellers at the trade deadline.

"Hope is a good thing."
17. Toronto Blue Jays
16. Colorado Rockies
15. Los Anaheim Angels
14. San Diego Padres
13. Los Angeles Dodgers
12. NY Mets
11. Cincinnati Reds
10. Texas Rangers

The largest group remains with those teams who's contender/pretender status still lays in the balance. Trades, prospect callups (Aroldis Chapman), and the pending returns of injured contributors (Carlos Beltran, Troy Tulowitzki, Edinson Volquez, Rich Harden) will push these teams one way or the other in the discussion.

Good Managers & Good Pitching
9. Minnesota Twins
8. San Francisco Giants
7. Atlanta Braves
6. Detroit Tigers

We still have the Giants winning the National League pennant. It's interesting to speculate on what kind of magic the Braves will muster in the second half of the season, as they all try their best for long-time friend and field manager, Bobby Cox.

"The Elite, Best of the Best"
5. Philadelphia Phillies
4. St. Louis Cardinals
3. Boston Red Sox
2. Tampa Bay Rays
1. NY Yankees

Boston is making a case for #2, while the Red Sox and Phillies are basically here on reputation and performance over the past three waeks.

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