Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Working Some Trades

This post sprung from a chain of emails that started with our good friend, Mulhearn, emailing me the following:
"What was more impress last night. Dice-K pitching 3 hit ball with no walkers, or the Celtics destroying the Cavs last night"?
With that, folks, we conclude the NBA-talk portion of today's blog post.

I responded with one word: "Daisuke".

In one of my proceeding messages in the chain, I asked for Mulhearn's suggestion with a roster issue we've been navigating in rotisserie baseball. Upon sending the email, it became clear that this was a time to share some of our problems with the blogosphere.

The following is an adaptation of my email...

...Incidentally, [Dice-K] is on our Good Friends roto team. We dropped him and picked him back up in between these past two starts. We were going to drop him last night for a new player*, but he pitched so well that we kept him. We have too many pitchers, but no-one will trade with us.

*We wound up dropping J.J. Putz to pick up Jose Contreras.

Starting Pitchers on our current roster:

Tim Lincecum
King Felix
Tommy Hanson
Gio Gonzalez
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Mat Latos
Mike Leake
Aroldis Chapman
Stephen Strasburg

We're not sure what to do because we don't want to drop any of these guys. We don't want to trade Lincecum or Felix, and we can't find any trades for the rest of them.

I'm sure Mike Leake will have poor starts in the future; you know, regression to the mean, unsustainable WHIP's, and all that. So, we'll be benching him against good teams. In order to not fly past our innings limit, we will have to occasionally start Leake, Latos, Gonzalez, and maybe Chapman. In the coming week, for instance, we will be benching Gio @ Texas (today), Leake vs St Louis, and Dice-K @ Yankees.

Since you've made it this far, loyal reader, we reward with the same inquisition: What kind of trade targets should we look for in an OBP league, if we want to trade some of these pitchers for hitters that can help with any categories and play any position except catcher?

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  1. I have a suggestion for you...stop picking up other people's trash (Helton, Tejada). Me thinks you def need to move some of your pitchers for hitters, but I ain't buying. I've got more arms than an octopus' pussetta. Are you part of the "I like Ike" crew?