Monday, May 17, 2010

Willkommen, Drew Storen

The not so big news from last night is the Nationals' decision to call up rookie relief pitcher, and #10 overall pick in the 2009 draft: Drew Storen. We've hinted at this guy's talents since last June, so regular readers know we're excited about him.

Our roto team, Good Friends, picked him up last night (dropping Frederic Lewis). We still believe Fred Lewis can be a productive rotisserie player this season, and the immediate future. We have to ability to start Storen, with Brad Lidge reassuming his position on the Disabled List. So, we decided to stick with our hitters with no bench, to get an extra power arm in the bullpen.

We expect Storen to help immediately with strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP. As many of you know, Tyler Clippard has surprisingly ganked seven (7) wins in the first 6 weeks of the season. He's not going to win 30 games, but I think that Storen might mature into the player that comes in when the game is on the line and the starter exits. Clippard's maturity and success, even dating back to a very nice 2009 campaign, may promote him exclusively to set-up duties, when the Nats already have the lead.

Of course, no-one is sure what these players' roles will be. Storen is being molded into the closer of the future, but than could mean 2011 or 2012. Reports say Manager, Jim Riggleman, and Pitching Coach, Steve McCatty (great name!), are going to "ease him in". That could mean that Riggs won't blow his arm out until next August.

We've always said that in fantasy sports, it is more fun to root for someone than have someone on your bench. Classic strategy for a league like ours says that relievers only have predictive value if they are in line for Saves. Poppycock, we say! Unless he is going to turn into this season's version of Andy Pratt, I think we're going to be fine with his peripheral stats. If not, we'll pick up one of the 75 RP's we ranked in this post.

Have a great week, everyone. There are no off days for any teams this week, so enjoy the action and Go Cubs!

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