Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PTI Knockoff: Fortune Teller

Derrek Lee is two (2) home runs away from getting to 300 for his career. He won the World Series with the 2003 Florida Marlins, but had most of his best personal season with the Cubs. Most notable, Lee shined as a Cub in 2005, when he led the league in total bases and OPS+.

He was an All-Star, won his second (of three) Gold Gloves, won the Silver Slugger for 1st basemen, and finished 3rd in MVP voting. Lee’s standard stats in 2005 were memorable, as well. He hit .335, with 46 Homeruns and 50 doubles.

Since that remarkably hot 2005 season, Derrek Lee has been a steady, and sometimes exceptional, leader for Dusty and Lou. He’s a fan favorite and has become a valued part of Chicago’s philanthropic community.

When “borrowing” Tony Kornheiser’s fortune teller crystal ball, however, I don’t see Derrek Lee in a Cubs uniform beyond this season.

Our fortune teller prediction: The Cubs 2011 First Baseman will NOT be Derrek Lee.

Okay, so that’s not enough of a bold prediction to even mention?

More aggressive fortune teller prediction: The Cubs 2011 First Baseman will be Adam Dunn.

Other candidates include Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Pena, and Jorge Cantu. To upset South Side White Sox fans, they could sign Paul Konerko. Or, if they want to upset their own fans, they could call up Josh Vitters and move Aramis Ramirez to first base.

I can see why Tony likes wearing the turban and making predictions. It’s fun. Maybe we’ll have more PTI Knockoff posts, where we can play Toss Up, Over/Under, or something like that. We should at least have another predictions post of ideas that are intriguing but slightly unlikely to happen. In conclusion, let's simply R.S.V.P. the Cubs for the Upgrade First Base Party/Adrian Gonzalez Sweepstakes.

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