Saturday, May 8, 2010

Looking Ahead, Along the Way

Due to our recent silence, it's going to be a busy next few days here on the ol' blog.

I was going to do one long, rambling Clearing the Notebook column covering a myriad of topics, but instead think it'll work best to keep some of these ideas as separate pieces.

A preview of things to come...

- Players of the Month/Week
- The Young & the Old of May 7th
- Stadium Rankings
- The Cubs 2011 First Baseman will be...
- Checking the Temp of the Rotisserie

Well, I just don't feel right with a post that contains no new information, opinions, or even a potential punchline.

So, I visited the old stand-by for conversation starters: the standings. After looking at where the teams stand after approximately 30 games, and considering the action we've seen on TV, at CitiField, and imagined from box scores this season, we currently feel the 2010 Playoff teams will be:

AL: Yankees, Twins, Rangers, & Rays
NL: Cardinals, Phillies, Giants, & Rockies

As most people are beginning to learn, the playoffs are a crap shoot. I'm feeling unseasonably confident right now in these being the playoff teams. Have a great Saturday & try to enjoy some games!

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