Friday, May 21, 2010

Expecting Good Things, Brandon Morrow

We're not exactly expecting greatness yet, but we like what we're hearing about something clicking with Morrow after his teammate, Shaun Marcum, gave him a tip that helped him find his release point and feel more comfortable on the mound.

We can read Morrow’s take on the story in Yahoo's game recap:
Marcum noticed Morrow was collapsing on his back leg as he faced the Red Sox and pointed it out after the pitcher was pulled. Along with pitching coach Bruce Walton, they compared video to Morrow’s previous start, and the difference was immediately apparent.

“When I’m really bad mechanically, like I was in Boston, I have a tendency to break down on my back side and become really rotational and spin open,” Morrow said. “Today I was just a lot slower mechanically. To anybody who watched last week and this week, that was probably the biggest difference, staying tall with my body and slowing down my mechanics.”

The difference, Morrow said, was “like night and day.”

“From pitch one I knew things were better mechanically,” Morrow said. “I was able to get on a little bit of a roll and things seemed to be a lot better.”
Our favorite part is that "From pitch one..." reference. If something clicked, we want in.

Brandon Morrow's control has always been suspect, and he struck out 8 while walking only 1 last time out. He still throws very hard, in the mid to upper 90's. His strikeout numbers have been great, 54 strikeouts in 41 innings, and that means a lot for rotisserie. Blue Jay fans should be happy that their franchise, at the very least, has strong starting pitching. Their rotation is healthy with Marcum, Morrow, Ricky Romero, and Brett Cecil. Dana Eveland isn't horrible as a 5th starter, and they have excellent reserves in the minor leagues & disabled list with Mark Rzepczynski, Dustin McGowan, Scott Richmond, and Jesse Litsch.

We really like Rzepczynski, and McGowan was a phenom before suffering a difficult injury.

Brian Tallet is a decent swing man, between the rotation and bullpen. He reminds us of Glendon Rusch in 2004, except he looks more like a porn star and less like Corky from Life Goes On.

Jeeze, you know the Cubs are bad when one of their pitchers that I remember fondly from the past 10 years reminds me of Corky from Life Goes On.

Good luck tonight, Brandon Morrow.

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