Thursday, April 15, 2010

Super Bowl XX, Naked Gun, & Wimbledon

I have journals (usually travel journals), but I don’t have a diary. So, there will be times when I have to use this space to get some personal stuff off my chest. This season’s first installment of introspective reflection involves Dick Enberg.

Dear Diary: I’m sorry, but I really thought Dick Enberg had passed away. I didn’t hope for it. In fact, I’m relieved to believe that he is still alive. I’ve always been a fan of Enberg’s, most notable with his fabulous performance in The Naked Gun: Files from Police Squad, his annual, gracious hosting of Breakfast at Wimbledon in the ‘90s, and of course he was the play-by-play man during the ’85 Bears’ undressing of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX on January 26, 1986.*

*Is it cool, or lame, that I don’t need to look that up?

What’s most embarrassing is that, for some reason, I thought Enberg passed away. I think it was because I was watching some awards show, like the Academy Awards, and they had a Dick Enberg montage. Maybe it was a montage because he was in his last season of doing Wimbledon or the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament.

The interesting thing is that all week, I’ve been hearing his voice during Padres’ broadcasts and saying to myself, “Man, that guy sounds a lot like Dick Enberg. If Dick Enberg hadn’t died, I would think he’s doing Padres’ games these days.” So, I’m sitting here, thinking it again and again until finally, I check out Enberg’s credentials on the Interweb. Eureka, according to the unsourceable Wikipedia, and the more sourceable IMDB, he’s still alive.

Please let me know if I’m making a grave mistake right now, but at my current level of confusion and exhaustion, I’m relishing the relief that Enberg is still with us. (I hope I'm right. This is really embarrassing, either way.)

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