Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rotisserie Pillars

Anticipation for the new season is abundant. As the creative juices of the ol' blog percolate on the hot stove, we should have a few blog posts in the next several days. This is just a collection of quick notes to, as the dude would say, keep our minds nimble...

Nate McLouth might be a platoon partner loser. Melky Cabrera is supposed to be the platoon partner for Matt Diaz, but I think there's a good chance that McLouth sits versus southpaws.

From the skewed perception of my scouting beliefs, these are the guys I suggest as the best bets or most undervalued players in typical fantasy drafts/auctions... (Average Draft Position, according to CBS Sports roto drafts, in parenthesis)

Ian Stewart, 2b/3b (ADP: 127)
Alexei Ramirez, SS (#129)
Ryan Zimmerman, 3b (#35)
Jorge Cantu, 1b/3b (#183)
Nelson Cruz, OF (#86)
CB Young, OF (#245)
Felix Hernandez, SP (#25)
Clayton Kershaw, SP (#80)
Diasuke Matsuzaka, SP (#201)
Ricky Nolasco, SP (#112)
Stephen Strasburg, SP (#196)
Matt Capps, RP (#208)
Matt Lindstrom, RP (#224)
Mike Gonzalez, RP (#188)
Brad Lidge, RP (#192)

From the what will they think of next dept... Corey Patterson is a free agent.

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  1. Hope this prediction works out for you. Of course, if it doesn't, Kenny Powers will be right back on top come October 2010!