Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Favorite Non-Closer

Warning notice: I'm sorry. This post should only interesting to me and, maybe, longtime friends. Proceed with caution...

For some reason, I've always been a fan of flame-throwing relief pitchers who don't get the glory of closing out games. Often times, they are closers-in-waiting, like when Mariano Rivera pitched the 8th innings to set up for John Wetteland. In my lifetime, I've had candid appreciation for underrated relievers, starting with Les Lancaster.

In fact, if my "favorite non-closer reliever" was something of a reigning-championship situation, the lineage would go something like this...

1989: Les Lancaster, Cubs
1990: Norm Charlton, Reds
1991: Randy Myers, Reds
1992: Denny Neagle, Pirates
1993: Xavier Hernandez, Astros
1994: Mel Rojas, Expos
1995: Pedro Borbon, Braves
1996: Mariano Rivera, Yankees
1997: Armando Benitez, Orioles
1998: Terry Adams, Cubs
1999: Amaury Telemaco, Phillies
2000: Scott Williamson, Reds
2001: Juan Cruz, Cubs
2002: Carlos Zambrano, Cubs
2003: Octavio Dotel, Astros
2004: Juan Cruz, Braves
2005: Scot Shields, Angels
2006: Scott Proctor, Yankees
2007: Carlos Marmol, Cubs
2008: Jose Arredondo, Angels
2009: Neftali Feliz, Rangers
2010: Sammy Gervacio, Astros

With Neftali Feliz's implosion yesterday, we were on the search for a new favorite non-closer. While watching the Tim Lincecum game last night, we were treated to the most eccentric performance by a relief pitcher since old favorite, Mike Fetters. After a full day of being cooped inside, watching baseball, Houston Astros reliever, Sammy Gervacio, was a breath of fresh air.

MLB Properties loves to take baseball videos off the interweb, but for as long as it remains, we can try to enjoy this video here.

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