Monday, April 5, 2010

Blue Jays Moving On

Shaun Marcum is going for a no hitter, with 1 out in the 6th inning. Elvis Andrus shows a bunt on the 1st pitch, fouls off the 2nd pitch, eventually running to count to 2-2 before striking out looking. The no-no is still a go. Travis Snider makes a nice play to retire Julio Borbon on a shallow ball down the line. Wouldn’t it be something if the Blue Jays got an Opening Day no-hitter after trading Roy Halladay?


  1. and just like that Vlad and Nelson Cruz ruin his good time...

  2. Great call, Osh. At least we get to see Neftali Feliz in a tie game! He's got the bases loaded with 1 out and Vernon Wells coming up.