Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stroll Down Memory (bowling) Lane

This is not a baseball post. In fact, there is no originality on my part. I just want to share a recent Posnanski blog post, which I enjoyed very much.

My favorite part:
"My father worked in a factory, brutal work, six days a week, and he would treat himself to two things … three if you count the Kent cigarettes he smoked by the pack. On Tuesdays, he would go out and play chess. And on Sundays, he would bowl in his league. I grew up thinking this was what all fathers did. Chess and bowling. Looking back now, it seems a pretty odd combination. But my father was good enough to win the Cleveland Open chess tournament one year and good enough to be the anchor on his bowling team. It’s no wonder I grew up thinking my father could do anything."
Here is the link to the entire story. Maybe, this was better suited for Father's Day, than St. Valentine's Day, but I think it works great for the first Sunday morning of the NFL offseason.

For the half-dozen loyal readers of this space, we will start focusing on fantasy baseball team construction, i.e. how to win your league from Day 1 to Day 163. Please feel free to post questions or topic suggestions to our comment section, email, or on our Facebook fan page for all to see.

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