Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spanning the Blogosphere

It's been a busy day on the ol' blog, as I attempt to calm my nerves before my cross-continental flight tomorrow. Has travel anxiety ever affected any of you? I used to travel all the time, for vacation, as a kid. When I started working, I used to fly about once a month for business reasons. Sometimes, I'd feel a bit of anxiety about flying and not landing safely, but for the last couple of years I've had a different emotion. Now, I get to the point where I cannot rest before a flight. I have dreams that I am going to miss my flight, or I'm forgetting something important on my way to the airport. It's terrible. I wish I could simply relax and calmly pack my bags and be on my way, like I used to. But instead, I'm left with these fears & uncertainties about what lies ahead. My theory is that I cannot calmly travel without my sweetheart. For some reason, leaving someone behind, or even rushing back for a reunion, makes me about as anxious as a promiscuous male on Maury Povich.

So, here I sit in Andaluzia, trying to get my mind off of tomorrow's 17 hours of travel by reading hot stove reports with the help of Rob Neyer, Buster Olney, and Tim Dierkes's group of writers on Without further ado, here are some of the recent stories that I have found of interest...

As mentioned in our latest post, Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle, writes that Buster Posey has a chance to be a regular contributor to the Giants if he can succeed as an infielder.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers may be done shopping this offseason, but they may want to add a right-handed hitting platoon partner for Chris Davis. I would highly suggest that, considering Davis' resume against left-handed pitchers includes 2009 slash numbers of .189 / .235 / .311, with 6 walks and 49 strike outs. That is despicable. According to Frank Thomas, Jermaine Dye is considering retirement, but I think Jon Daniels should be very interested in his services.

Nerd Alert! If you are so inclined, check out this discussion on the advanced pitching stat SIERA.

After reading this Anthony McCarron piece, Yankee fans can look forward to Jorge Posada's successor, Jesus Montero. Similarly, Met fans should be pretty excited about 20% of their games because John Harper reports that Johan Santana is getting pretty close to being on top of his game.

Keeper league roto players take note: David O'Brien writes that baseball's #1 prospect has a very good chance of winning the starting right-field position in Atlanta... Keep in mind, he's only 20-years old, while measuring 6'4" 245lbs.

Everyone agrees the Yankees have a fantastic chance to repeat this season. I think the smart money is on them for 2010. Reading this John Tomase article about the Red Sox reflects that the AL East is scary good.

Speaking of scary good, do American League hitters really want to hear that Zack Greinke is getting an early start to honing his craft for 2010? Sorry, Lincecum fans, but Greinke is probably the best pitcher in baseball.

Hey! Here's a guy that my roto team might end up keeping this offseason... Kyle Blanks has lost weight and looks to be a big time bopper for the Padres.

With reports like this one from Geoff Baker, the Mariners are quickly becoming my 2nd favorite team.

I've always been fascinated, yes fascinated, with how teams construct bullpens. Last summer, I tried writing a post about that very topic, but I couldn't get my mind around the topic in either a micro or macro sense. Here is a nice little piece about how Walt Jocketty has built the Reds 'pen this offseason. The only question remaining is how (not if) Dusty Baker will mess this up?

Getting back to Chris Davis, of the Rangers, this Evan Grant article, mentions that Davis started choking up on the bat with 2-strikes at the end of last season. Davis calls it a "breakthrough". If he can cut down his strikeouts, he should be a very dangerous hitter in that lineup & ballpark.

If you click on only one link in this post, click on this one from the beloved Ernie Harwell.

Actually, if you're only going to click on one link in this post, change it to two and also click here. I love Hal McCoy, Andrew Dawson, and Tony Perez references.

If you're a Cubs fan, like me, you probably don't want to click on this preview of the NL Central. Why not? How about a big photo of Marlon Byrd that will remind you that the Cubs bleeping stink.

White Sox fans rejoice. Ozzie Guillen is reportedly happy with his roster, for once.

I think the Twins will win the AL Central, and the White Sox will be good. While the Tigers have some questions, there is no doubt that Jim Leyland will have them within striking distance next September.

Wrapping up with the World Champs, George King writes that the Yankees are taking a close look at Cuban defector Adeinis Echavarria to be either Derek Jeter's replacement or the center fielder of the future. Staying with Jeter, Tyler Kepner foreshadows a fairly easy new contract negotiation between the team and its Captain.

That ought to keep y'all busy for a while. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to see how FC Barcelona can come back from this 2-0 whole they've fallen into against Atletico Madrid. My cousin Jaime must be furious.

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