Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anyone got Hendry's Number?

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Jason Stark has the impression that the Cubs have set aside their interest in Ben Sheets as they pursue a bench bat and a setup man.

Who are the Cubs interested in?

Kiko Calero, for sure. I'm down with that. Injury is an acute risk with him, but he's one of the best relief pitchers left on the market, perhaps the best.

Bench bat? I've heard Adam Kennedy rumors and hope they are false.

Jim Thome is there, but he's still trying to be a full time, or platoon, Designated Hitter before relegating himself to "bench bat". Besides, the Twins are reported to be interested, and Ozzie Guillen said he wants the White Sox to decide on Thome by Sunday. The Sox liked having Thome, but they have also mentioned the desire to utilize the DH spot to give regular players time off from playing defense.

Another former White Sock, Jermaine Dye, has been linked to Cubs' interest. I can't believe that he would settle for 4th Outfielder status so easily. He's a better fit with the Yankees or another team that could use a starting OF, like maybe Seattle. I don't know. If the Cubs got him, I'd be shocked. He should get more than the $3.65 million deal that Rick Ankiel just got from Kansas City.

Orlando Hudson is a starting second baseman, not a bench bat. The Cubs have been reported as "happy" with a Jeff Baker/Mike Fontenot platoon. I'm not as thrilled about their combined 1.6 expected WARP (Wins Above Replacement Player). Who knows? Maybe they'll combine for 25 Homeruns and 105+ RBI.

It's probably more likely that they will occasionally get hot, routinely stink, and rarely play above average defense. Personally, I'd rather have a slick-fielding second baseman who can run, even if he can't hit. Those guys are available. You might find them as free agents, or in trades, or even in your own minor league system.

Heck, the Cubs will probably sign Jonny Gomes. They've done worse. At least he can hit a little.

It's hard to talk about which bench players to sign, when there is a likely ace out there in Ben Sheets. Okay, maybe he's not "a likely ace" but he is definitely a possible ace.

I just want the Jim Hendry and the Cubs to shoot for the stars again. The win differential between signing 4th outfielder A, versus 4th outfielder B, or C, is negligible compared with having Ben Sheets in your rotation versus Carlos Silva.

I've never done this before, but I think he's "a likely ace", and it's my blog.

Sorry, but the comment section is for y'all.

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  1. Sheets to the A's, I's ok, I'm a big Carlos Silva fan :)