Thursday, December 10, 2009

Millwood Trade Reaction

Congrats to the Rangers who just traded Kevin Millwood and $3 million to the Orioles for Chris Ray. Most importantly, they saved $9 million in the deal... Meaning, they can go get a pitcher who will likely be better than Kevin Millwood.

Do Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels feel like a couple of gamblers? I'd say so because Ranger fans will probably see most of those $9 million go to Rich Harden or Ben Sheets, who each have at decent chance of getting hurt again. I like the move, though. The Rangers have more than five viable starting pitching options right now. So, adding a high-risk/high-reward ace makes sense.

The Orioles will likely prosper from this trade, as well. I think Kevin Millwood will be a good influence on the young starters in Baltimore: Tillman, Matusz, Guthrie, etc. He will likely pass on some of the lessons he learned as a teammate of Greg Maddux, in Atlanta, and as a disciple of brilliant pitching coach, Mike Maddux, last season. The Rangers don't need that mentor because they have, um, Nolan Ryan.

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