Saturday, November 7, 2009

Canyon of Heroes

Loyal readers, it has been an honour touring the wonderful game of baseball since this season's Opening Day. Our highly anticipated hot stove league coverage should begin soon. (teaser: tommy m.)

Here is an extensive photo library of the Yankees Championship Parade from deep within the archaic bowels of the Canyon of Heroes.

The construction workers had the best views on top of the scaffold.
Sorry if some of these pictures are fuzzy, tasteless, or worthless. I think the float in the fuzzy picture above had the trophy.

MVP Hideki Matsui was the first player to appear in the parade. The crowd chanted MVP! MVP!

Most people didn't realize Brett Gardner was on this float. I think Xavier Nady and a few other players were there, too.

This fan was a riot, straight out of "A Bronx Tale". My favorite was when he was screaming and pointing at a float yelling, "Giuliani! Giuliani! Giuliani!!"
The crowds were squeezing into Broadway, and the buzz in the air was getting louder. Why?

It's Gangster AlexRod! Fans near me were yelling, "Arod's got his own float!" I can't help but have Kobe Bryant flashbacks to the times I lived in LA and he was celebrating his first Lakers' championship without any teammates.

Where's Kate? Is that AlexRod's ex wife? I could see her making her presence a requirement if her kids were to be on the AlexFloat.
Seeing AJ Burnett on his own float made me think that maybe Boras clients negotiate that into their deals. Why wouldn't the Yankees agree to giving them their own float if they win the title? They just want to win the title.

I was the only one around us who recognized Burnett. Not a good thing.

Jerry Hairston, Jr keeps the ex-Cub vibes around.

This was a fun float with Sabathia and Teixeira. The Bronx Tail fan and I were both yelling "CC! CC! CC!" like schoolchildren. Sabathia is a star.

Terrible shot, but that is the top of Robinson Cano's head.

Fans going crazy...
They're squeezing in... could that be him?
Oh yeah, Cap'n Jetes!
Hang loose, my man.
Posada and Jeter were on the same float. That was nice.

Pettitte looked like a man who would only do HGH for the benefit of his teammates.

Moving down towards Bowling Green...

And the best game finishing pitcher of all time brought the parade to a close. With all respect for Matsui, Rivera is our pick for 2009 World Series MVP. As Harry would say, "They're DANCING in the streets of Panama City."

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