Friday, August 14, 2009

Fare Thee Well, Mr. Latos

Warning: I expect no-one to care about this quick post. Still, our imaginary sponsors thank you for your support.

I'm trying to keep the creative juices flowing... trying to get back in the swing of posting the thoughts that come to me during the season.

No-one should care about my roto league... I shouldn't even care as much as I do. I follow the guys on my team and expect them to play in a way that represents my values & ideals. That's just plain silly.

Still, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and loss at the same time because yesterday I traded rookie pitcher, Mat Latos, for Miguel Cabrera. Of course, that is not an even trade - if all things are equal. However, in my league all things are not equal. We are allowed to keep five guys who are drafted after the 4th round. Since MiggyCab is a bonafide 1st rounder, he's not a keeper. Mat Latos, on the other hand was not drafted this season; I picked him up a few weeks ago. In his first 5 major league starts, he's won four games and created enough buzz that we could trade him for one of the most valuable hitters in the game.

Since my team is competing for the title, I didn't think twice about making the deal. We still need more pitching, but since there are rumblings that Latos may get shut down due to innings limits, it was an obvious move.

In my efforts to make a formal plea, I wish that Latos pitches well tonight against St. Louis for a couple of reasons. First, he's pitching against St. Louis, and I hate St. Louis. I hate them more than the White Sox, so that's saying something. Second, he's still on my active roster because the trade was approved after games started today.

So, as Bob Dylan would say, "Fare thee well, Mr. Latos." Let's get another win tonight, then you can go ahead and continue your career for another.

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