Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Posnanski's Latest

We'll have our highly anticipated July 1 post up later today.  Here is something to hold you over, if you're sitting in your office with not a lot to do.

As we've said here many times, Joe Posnanski is the best.  If you think you won't enjoy a long blog posts about the Dayton Moore regime in Kansas City, I can't blame you.  But here is a little morsel that kind of stands out...
Since May 25, Mike Jacobs has been hitting .156. He has one homer and one RBI over those 101 plate appearances (that one homer/RBI came in a 9-3 loss to Toronto). I’ll repeat: 1 RBI. I had to go back game-by-game to see it in action. Best I can tell, since May 25, Jacobs is 0-for-16 with runners in scoring position with a double-play and eight strikeouts.
Something tells me that when the Cubs finally make a World Series appearance, they could face the Royals.

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