Friday, July 31, 2009

Canseco's Claim

So, Jose Canseco has made another "outrageous" statement that will unfortunately probably wind up being true. From ESPN...

"And I'll tell you this, Major League Baseball is going to have a big, big problem on their hands when they find out they have a Hall of Famer who's used."

When asked to name who that Hall of Fame player is, Canseco refused to divulge who he believes it is.
It'll probably be someone who played at the same time as Canseco, or shortly before or after. Let's eliminate Ryne Sandberg, Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken, George Brett, and Robin Yount for a variety of reasons.

Hopefully, this will get our comments section a blazin'... the suspects...

Reggie Jackson
Kirby Puckett
Dave Winfield
Gary Carter
Eddie Murray
Dennis Eckersley
Paul Molitor
Wade Boggs
Bruce Sutter
Goose Gossage
Rickey Henderson

I'd say it was Eck or Boggs. I hope it wasn't Rickey, but he was playing at a very advanced age.


  1. Definitely Rickey - still had some power at 37 and was trying to get back in the game after his real career was over.

    Eck preferred coke and Boggs never had power.