Monday, June 1, 2009

Back from Jamaica

Sorry for the long delay since posts. We went on a "scouting" trip to Jamaica and just got back last night. We will try to be more proactive to announce the potential for a longer-than-usual break.

There is a lot to clear out of the notebook, and we haven't forgotten that we need to check back in for how we feel about predicting the final standings, awards, and post-season results. That may not appear in this space until tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is a list of thoughts that may get our brains back into baseball and the pastime's majestic ebb & flow.

  • It's nice to see Matt Wieters make his debut. His first Major League hit was a triple. I'd like to see the list of catchers whos first Major League hits were triples. As a Wieters owner in fantasy, it was great to see him DH on Sunday. Nothing is better than a production Catcher, like Joe Mauer, who DH's on his "day's off". It's such a big difference when comparing guys like this & Victor Martinez to even really good National League catchers who just cannot start more than 130 or 140 games.
  • Almost everyone is hopping on the Rick Porcello bandwagon after he's won his last five starts with a 1.50 ERA. Come on board, there's room for everyone!
  • Fernando Martinez was called up by the Mets. Our instinct is that he is not ready to be a steady contributor right now. However, he looks like a future star. That being said, all of our credibility goes out the window if we keep drooling over guys like Chris B. Young, Felix Pie, and Dexter Fowler. Dexter still has a chance, right?
  • The Cubs are breaking our hearts. As we will see in our June predictions, we still expect the Cubs to win the division. But, they look awful... like a 70-win team. Sorry, but we can't get excited about guys like Andres Blanco, Jake Fox, and Jason Wadell.
  • Kudos to Roy Oswalt for being the latest 30-something right-handed fireballer to reject the White Sox. We love that no-one wants to be traded there; it makes sense to us.
Thanks for sticking with us during this recent writing drought. Baseball's Act I has basically ended, with the close of the season's second month. We hope to have our June Predictions column up tomorrow. Enjoy tonight's games!

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