Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anticipating Tonight

Pittsburgh @ Atlanta
Ross Ohlendorf vs Derek Lowe
I had forgotten Ohlendorf was a former Yankee prospect.  The only thing that really interests me about this series is if Nate McLouth is taking any former teammates or coaches out to dinner.  If so, where?

Seattle @ Baltimore
Jason Vargas vs Brad Bergesen
I'm excited to see who the Orioles take in tonight's draft.  They're picking 4th, and I'm thinking they'll take a stud pitcher to help them when they come soaring back to relevance around 2011.  I think O's fans should be excited about the direction Andy MacPhail is taking the organization.

Kansas City @ Cleveland
Brian Bannister vs Cliff Lee
I'm not sure why I don't like Cliff Lee.  Perhaps the fact that I thought last season's impressive start was a fluke and he proved me wrong has something to do with it.  Maybe it's because he's on the Indians and many Cleveland fans in my generation has a particularly warped view on modern sports history.  I'm not saying they are the worst fans, but they're not really "good".

Older Cleveland fans are alright, I just think they did a poor job of passing down their mentality to people in their 20's and 30's.  I am leaving open the possibility that it's not these kids' fault.  Perhaps, they were traumatized like an SVU victim by guys like Earnest Byner, John Elway, Michael Jordan, Marty Schottenheimer, Bill Belichik, Art Model, Butch Davis, Tim Couch, Edgar Renteria - heck, even the Major League movies probably had a jarring effect on this fan base.

Cincinatti @ Washington
Johnny Cueto vs Jordan Zimmermann
We don't care too much for this contest.  We really only like Jay Bruce, Elijah Dukes, Nick Johnson, and Zimmermann.  A more enjoyable way to look at it is to see these teams as the two most recent Jim Bowden disaster zones facing off.

Jim Bowden makes me think of Jose Rijo, who make me think of Jose Lima.  Did someone say Jose Lima was making a comeback?  Is it really Lima Time again?  According to The Yuma Sun,
he just pitched a 6-hit shutout in the Golden Baseball League.

LA Angels @ Tampa Bay
Jered Weaver vs James Shields
The Angels' Weaver is producing in a way that he or his brother had previously only produced against amateur competition or as video game characters.  Jeff Weaver was really good in the EA video game after the season he was good on the Tigers.

NY Yankees @ Boston
AJ Burnett vs Josh Beckett
These guys teamed up as young fireballers who grew up in the Florida Marlins organization a few years ago.  I would guess that they're friends.  The big question I'm wondering is if Jacoby Ellsbury can play, or how long will he be out.  Otherwise, I'm fairly certain we'll see the Red Sox win the division, the Yankees win the Wild Card, and the Yankees actually having a chance in an ALCS matchup vs Boston because they're bullpen can be quite good in the post season with Joba and Hughes bridging the gap to Mariano.  How about that Mark Melancon guy?  In there an All Star team of guys who sound like Latin players but are just regular white guys?  Can they be the Mark Melancon All Stars?

Philadelphia @ NY Mets
J.A. Happ vs Johan Santana
This is not a "must win", but this is a huge game for the Mets.  Jerry Manuel of the Mets is playing the hand he's dealt, but lately he's been playing blackjack with a bunch of 15s and 16s.  Their next six games are against the 1st place Phillies and the crosstown Yankees.  If they cannot win on the days Santana pitches, they have a reasonable chance of going 1-5 or 0-6 this week.

St. Louis @ Florida
Chris Carpenter vs Josh Johnson
While all eyes of ESPN and the rest of the northeast are on Yankees/Red Sox and Phillies/Mets, we will be clamoring for more coverage of Chris Carpenter and Josh Johnson.  Yes, both of them are on our fantasy team.  So, it's clear we're rooting for a 1-0 contest, where the only run was unearned and Josh Johnson gets the Win.

Colorado @ Milwaukee
Jason Hammel vs Braden Looper
The rise of Ian Stewart should continue in Milwaukee.  He was the undisputed rotisserie baseball's player of the week, last week.  As the Rotoprofessor tells us, Stewart hit .480 with 4 HR, 12 RBI, and 9 Runs.  The second to last place team in our league dropped Milwaukee's Corey Hart, and we picked him up.  Should we be worried about him?  I think Corey Hart might hurt us a little in OBP, but if he can hit 15 HR's and steal 15 bases the rest of the way, we will be thrilled.  We've been pretty happy with Adrian Beltre, after picking him up about a month ago and hope that Corey Hart will be another member of our sloppy second all stars.

Toronto @ Texas
Brian Tallet vs. Doug Mathis
We love that Brian Tallet looks like a late '70s ball player, with his floppy hair and wispy mustache.  Doug Mathis is starting his first Major League game of the year, as he's taking the place of the injured Brandon McCarthy in the rotation.  Texas GM, Jon Daniels may want to go out and get someone else, either via trade or free agency, if this Mathis kid doesn't deliver.  I bet he's really glad that he hasn't release Vicente Padilla yet.  Would Tom Glavine or Paul Byrd make sense for them?  What if they went out and got the aforementioned Cliff Lee?  Personally, I think Brad Penny makes a lot of sense, since Boston can't get rid of him fast enough, and Nolan Ryan could be a fantastic mentor for him.

Cubs @ Houston
Ted Lilly vs Brian Moehler
I hate the Triple-A team that the Cubs have been showcasing at the major league level recently.  Really, they are terrible to watch.  In recent game, the Cubs' TV announcers warned little leaguers to turn off the TV in fear they'd learn bad habits.  The Cubs miss Aramis Ramirez like nobody's business.

Detroit @ White Sox
Dontrelle Willis vs Mark Buerhle
The D-Train Wreck is in full effect.  In his last appearance, Willis gave up five earned runs without giving up a hit because he walked five guys and couldn't get out of the 3rd inning.  One can only imagine what would happen if the Sox were actually hitting right now.  Instead, they've been so bad that Ozzie Guillen has recently fired off some beauties like: "When we're horse[expletive], we're horse[expletive].  We stink.  We're [expletive]."

San Francisco @ Arizona
Matt Cain vs Billy Buckner
Does anyone even care about the non-Dodgers NL West?  Does anyone in the West have a chance to beat the 2nd place teams of the NL East or NL Central?  I doubt it.  I guess if we want to see a good story line here, it's that Matt Cain has finally started getting some run support and solid bullpen relief.  He's going for his 8th win, after winning just 7 and 8 games TOTAL the last two years, despite pitching well.

Minnesota @ Oakland
Scott Baker vs Brett Anderson
Don't look now, but the Oakland Athletics have won seven in a row.  They're still four games under .500 and in last place, but stranger things have happened in divisions this winnable.  A few things for Twins fans to keep an eye on... is Nick Punto better than a replacement player, and what's up with Delmon Young?  He has only two extra base hits, and this is June 9th.  The Twins are in a tough spot because they can't just send Young to the minors.  He's out of options, and they'd surely lose him if they tried to get him through waivers.  Too bad they can't trade him for Matt Garza, or someone like that...

San Diego @ LA Dodgers
Chris Young vs Chad Billingsley
How good would this Dodgers team be if they had landed C.C. Sabathia?  I mean, they're running away with the division and Chad Billingsley is their ace.  They'd be amazing with a 1-2 punch of Sabathia/Billingsley, but it's interesting to think about these things sometimes.  For instance, Randy Wolf has been outstanding for the Dodgers.  Would he still be on the team if Sabathia were to have signed?  Remember, the Dodgers signed Wolf in February, after Sabathia signed back in December.  Since Wolf has been so good, it's not like Sabathia would have improved their current record much, if at all.  We'll see if Wolf can stay on top of his game and be an impact pitcher in October.

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  1. A sad day for the Jose Arrendondo fan club...plus, does it get much worse than being sent to Salt Lake? I'd rather be sent to Slidell.