Sunday, May 17, 2009

Greetings from Mahopac

We are spending the weekend with friends in Mahopac, NY.

Quickly, I wanted to make note of a few things that we've noticed the last few days.

Rich Hill is Back!
Congratulations to the Orioles. Rich Hill came back yesterday, pitched well, and earned a win. He's always been a favorite of ours. Embarrassingly, he cost us a championship last year because we actually decided to keep him over Tim Lincecum. We thought the Giants would give no run support, while the Cubs were ready to turn Hill into a 19-game winner with 190+ strike outs. Big mistake.

Joe Mauer hit his 6th Homerun
Where is this power coming from? Keep it up, bud!

Our Darling Ace
Rick Porcello won his third straight game last night, giving us more reasons to love Jim Leyland.

One More Chance...
We picked up Luke Hochevar and Jordan Zimmermann again to give them a start today. We will probably drop them tonight, but we have our fingers crossed that they'll contribute with Wins. Masterson is going for us today, too. This is a big day for our pitching staff.

Value of a Roster Spot
We made a choice yesterday that will show us a lot about strategy. As regular readers will note, we have a somewhat unhealthy fascination with prospects, upside, and potential. Due to this affliction, we have carried Tommy Hanson & Matt Wieters all season. It is great to have flexibility of roster spots, but our impulsiveness can hurt us when we are picking up guys like Orlando Cabrera, who contribute 0 for 4's. The risk we decided to go with yesterday was to tie up a roster spot in a player who will probably not help us for over a year: Stephen Strasburg. We decided to cut bait on Chris B. Young, who is doing NOTHING. He'd been killing our OBP, so at least Strasburg won't do that. Also, I feel that we can carry him if we will be activating Hanson and Wieters in the next couple of weeks. Oh jeeze, I'm so nervous.

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