Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Day "Eyes"

Yesterday was a wonderful Opening Day: Cubs win, Cardinals lose.

As most people know, there is a bit of a struggle among some baseball minds to choose a side, or find the right balance, between "scouting" and "spreadsheets". It is said that old-school baseball men are more inclined to utilize scouting reports, while the new-school of front office men, and women, are more apt to study statistics, sabermetrics, etc.

Here is an examination of scouting, without the numbers. We're trying to show what it would be like to scout without stats. This is not a knock on scouts, whom we love.

This is an exercise of taking things to an extreme, going purely on what one "sees". Scouts (even the one's who don't like stats) use stopwatches, radar guns, and they rate tools on a 20-80 scale... plenty of numbers. This is very archaic. I'm breaking down my impressions of Opening Day games into two groups - someone who "Looks good" and guys who are "Not lookin' good". (Since this is not a grammar police blog I don't need the tense or groups to be parallel, right?) Anyway, here we go...

Looks good...
Aaron Harang (surprisingly thin)
Nelson Cruz (looks strong)
Adam Jones (put on some muscle)
Sean Green (love the arm angle, pictured)
Bruce & Votto (sweet swings, and some muscle on Votto)

Not lookin' good...
C.C. Sabathia (horrible, so fat)
Jason Smith (feable & thin)
Kevin Gregg (Those glasses! OMG, I can't stand him.)
Chris Ray (body language)
Ivan Rodriguez (sadly pictured, too...)

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