Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Friends

“So, who’d you get?”

In the context of fantasy sports, very few questions are more polarizing than the one above. The recipient to such question is usually pleased to have a chance to talk about something fun, that is primarily a solitary activity. Honestly, no-one really cares who’s on anyone’s fantasy teams. The inquirer of the question usually regrets asking after about 17 seconds.

Since we aren’t at a cocktail party, luncheon, or chess club meeting, I’m going to outline the roster of the 2009 edition of “Good Friends”. We change the team name & image occasionally for the sake of comedy, superstition/momentum, insult, or homage. For instance, we are currently playing under the pseudonym “Tabata’s Cougars”.

Please note: This is an 11 team league, and we picked 1st overall, so we picked back-to-back: last pick in even rounds and the first pick in odds, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, and so on…
Rotisserie Scoring: OBP, R, HR, RBI, SB… W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP

C: Jarrod Saltalamacchia (17) just keeping the spot warm.
1b: Carlos Pena (4) 4 strikeouts on Opening Day; no need to panic.
2b: Rickie Weeks (K) help him Willie Randolph!
3b: Alex Gordon (8) delivered great joy with Opening Day tater.
SS: Jose Reyes (1) we passed on Hanley, Wright, and Pujols, buddy.
2b/SS: Alexei Ramirex (K) I’m nervous about him, but he's amazing.
1b/3b: Chone Figgins (13) hoping for good health.

OF: Jacoby Ellsbury (K) we’d love to see him get more power.
OF: Matt Kemp (2) we had Manny ranked higher, but we took Kemp.
OF: Chris B. Young (K) with improved OBP, can be Eric Davis-ish.
OF: Milton Bradley (9) we NEVER take guys like this.
Util: Jack Cust (14) being in an OBP league makes him awesome.
Util: Jason Kubel (15) fits by batting 3rd until Mauer’s return.

SP: Felix Hernandez (3) we root for him like a family member.
SP: Josh Johnson (6) pitching started to get thin through 6 rounds.
SP: Chris Carpenter (11) He’s either done or due to lead the rotation.
SP: Jordan Zimmerman (19) low expectations, but K/BB is legit.
SP: Rick Porcello (FA) legendary buzz and we respect Jim Leyland.
SP: Justin Masterson (18) we're always looking for talented SP/RP's.

RP: Joakim Soria (7) rough spring, but his stuff is so darn electric.
RP: Heath Bell (12) if Pads win just 60, how many will be blowouts?
RP: George Sherrill (FA) we love 2/3rds of our bullpen.

Bench: Josh Fields (10) we actually took him before Figgins.
Bench: Matt Wieters (5) Andy MacPhail is saying all the right things.
Bench: Tommy Hanson (21) going for quality innings over quantity.
Bench: Orlando Cabrera (FA) we forgot to drop him yesterday.
DL: Joe Mauer (K) Wieters makes recovery less critical to us.
DL: John Smoltz (16) we love the upside here, in fantasy & real life.
DL: empty – no-one on waivers is worthwhile.

There will be more discussion throughout the season, I’m sure. In the meantime, thanks for getting this far & please feel free to comment.

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